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( キトサン Chitosan )
Dream Zinc Sprite.png
Buy For: Poké Dollar.png9800
Sell For: Poké Dollar.png4900
Type: No Type
Generation: III

Zinc (キトサン Chitosan) is one of the Vitamin items. It, along with the PP Max, made their first appearance in Generation III, rather than in Generation I with the rest. In Zinc's case, it is because, although Special was split into two stats in Generation II, Calcium still raised both stats that had comprised the Special stat: Special Attack, which it still increases, and Special Defense, which Zinc was made to increase.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Zinc, similarly to other vitamins, raises a base stat in the Pokémon it is used on; in its case, it raises the Special Defense. In more accurate terms, it raises the Pokémon's Special Defense IVs by 10, but only up to 100 Special Defense IVs.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Game Location
RSE Various locations, Lilycove Department Store, Slateport City (from Energy Guru in market), Battle FrontierE
FRLG Various locations, Celadon Department Store, Cerulean City
DPPt Various locations, Veilstone Department Store, Battle Park DP, Battle FrontierPt
HGSS Various locations, Celadon Department Store, Goldenrod Department Store, Safari Zone Gate, Battle Frontier
BW Various locations, Shopping Mall Nine, Battle Subway
B2W2 Various locations, Shopping Mall Nine, Battle Subway, Pokémon World Tournament, Reward for beating Smashers at Big Stadium and Small Court, Join Avenue Marts