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(エルフーン Elfuun)
Windveiled Pokémon Pokémon
Ability Gender
Chlorophyll (Dream World)
50% ♀/50% ♂
Pokédex color Egg groups
Green Unknown
Weight Height
6.6 kg ??? 0.7 m ???
Body style Footprint
BodyUnknown.png F547.png
Azurilland Pokédex
HP Attack Defense
60 67 85
Sp. Attack Sp. Defense Speed
77 75 116

[[Category:Green Pokémon]]

Whimsicott (Japanese: エルフーン Elfuun) is a dual-type Grass/Fairy Pokémon introduced in Generation V. Prior to Generation VI, it was a pure Grass-type Pokémon. It is the final evolution of Cottonee.

Evolution[edit | edit source]

Whimiscott is the evolved form of Cottonee, evolving through the use of a Sun Stone.

Game Info[edit | edit source]

Game Locations[edit | edit source]

Version(s) Location
Black/White Pinwheel Forest, Lostlorn Forest (Black), Evolve Cottonee (White)

Pokédex Entries[edit | edit source]

Generations I - IV
Whimsicott did not appear during the Generation I - IV games.
Like the wind, it can slip through any gap, no matter how small. It leaves balls of white fluff behind.
Riding whirlwinds, they appear. These Pokémon sneak through gaps into houses and cause all sorts of mischief.
Black 2
White 2
Omega Ruby
Alpha Sapphire

Learnset[edit | edit source]

Level Move Power Accuracy PP Type Damage Type Contest Type Appeal Jam
1 Cotton Spore - 100% 40 Grass Status

1 Growth - -% 40 Normal Status

1 Leech Seed - 90% 10 Grass Status

1 Mega Drain 40 100% 15 Grass Special

10 Gust 40 100% 35 Flying Special

28 Tailwind - -% 30 Flying Status

46 Hurricane 120 70% 10 Flying Special

Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.

Sprites[edit | edit source]

I Red Blue Yellow Red (JP) Green (JP) Back
Whimsicott did not appear in Generation I
II Gold Silver Crystal Back
Whimsicott did not appear in Generation II
III Ruby Sapphire Emerald FireRed LeafGreen Back
Whimsicott did not appear in Generation III
IV Diamond Pearl Platinum HeartGold SoulSilver Back
Whimsicott did not appear in Generation IV
V Black White Black 2 White 2 Back
Whimsicott BW.gif Whimsicott BW Back.gif
Shiny Whimsicott BW.gif Shiny Whimsicott BW Back.gif

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Whimsicott can also be found in shaking grass
  • Whimsicott's Japanese name is Elfuun.
  • The name Whimsicott may refer to the word "whimsical" and "cotton."
  • Whimsicott resembles a cross between a ball of cotton and a brown sheep.
  • Although Whimsicott is the Windveiled Pokémon, it is not a grass/flying Pokémon like Hoppip, Skiploom and Jumpluff.
  • Whimsicott represents April in the Unova horoscope.
  • Whimsicott bears a slight resemblance to Shiftry.

References[edit source]