Water 2 (egg group)

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There are 21 Pokémon in this egg group.

13 Pokémon are purely in this egg group.
8 Pokémon are partly in this egg group.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The Pokémon in this group are all fish-like Pokémon, and all of them are part Water-type.

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

Purely[edit | edit source]

# Pokémon Type
118 118.png Goldeen Type Water.gif
119 119.png Seaking Type Water.gif
170 170.png Chinchou Type Water.gifType Electric.gif
171 171.png Lanturn Type Water.gifType Electric.gif
211 211.png Qwilfish Type Water.gifType Poison.gif
318 318.png Carvanha Type Water.gifType Dark.gif
319 319.png Sharpedo Type Water.gifType Dark.gif
339 339.png Barboach Type Water.gifType Ground.gif
340 340.png Whiscash Type Water.gifType Ground.gif
370 370.png Luvdisc Type Water.gif
456 456.png Finneon Type Water.gif
457 457.png Lumineon Type Water.gif
550 550.png Basculin Type Water.gif

Partly[edit | edit source]

# Pokémon Type Other Group
129 129.png Magikarp Type Water.gif Dragon
130 130.png Gyarados Type Water.gifType Flying.gif Dragon
223 223.png Remoraid Type Water.gif Water 1
224 224.png Octillery Type Water.gif Water 1
320 320.png Wailmer Type Water.gif Field
321 321.png Wailord Type Water.gif Field
369 369.png Relicanth Type Water.gifType Rock.gif Water 1
686 686.png Inkay Type Dark.gifType Psychic.gif Water 1
687 687.png Malamar Type Dark.gifType Psychic.gif Water 1