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Version exclusive Pokémon are Pokémon that are only available in one game out of a set, to encourage trading between players. As an example, Murkrow is exclusive to Pokémon Diamond whereas Misdreavus is exclusive to Pokémon Pearl, so there is no way for a Pearl player to obtain Murkrow without trading with a Diamond player, and vice versa. Version exclusives usually complement each other.

Note: This is for the international version only.

Generation I

Img. Pokémon Red Blue Yellow
013.png Weedle Yes Yes No
014.png Kakuna Yes Yes No
015.png Beedrill Yes Yes No
023.png Ekans Yes No No
024.png Arbok Yes No No
026.png Raichu Yes Yes No
027.png Sandshrew No Yes Yes
028.png Sandslash No Yes Yes
037.png Vulpix No Yes Yes
038.png Ninetales No Yes Yes
043.png Oddish Yes No Yes
044.png Gloom Yes No Yes
045.png Vileplume Yes No Yes
052.png Meowth No Yes No
053.png Persian No Yes No
056.png Mankey Yes No Yes
057.png Primeape Yes No Yes
058.png Growlithe Yes No Yes
059.png Arcanine Yes No Yes
069.png Bellsprout No Yes Yes
070.png Weepinbell No Yes Yes
071.png Victreebel No Yes Yes
109.png Koffing Yes Yes No
110.png Weezing Yes Yes No
123.png Scyther Yes No Yes
124.png Jynx Yes Yes No
125.png Electabuzz Yes No No
126.png Magmar No Yes No
127.png Pinsir No Yes Yes

Generation II

Img. Pokémon Gold Silver Crystal
037.png Vulpix No Yes No
038.png Ninetales No Yes No
052.png Meowth No Yes Yes
053.png Persian No Yes Yes
056.png Mankey Yes No No
057.png Primeape Yes No No
058.png Growlithe Yes No Yes
059.png Arcanine Yes No Yes
165.png Ledyba No Yes Yes
166.png Ledian No Yes Yes
167.png Spinarak Yes No Yes
168.png Ariados Yes No Yes