Valencia Island

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Valencia Island
ダイダイ島 Daidai-tō
Valencia Island
Episode(s): OI001, OI002, OI003

Valencia Island is home to the famous Professor Felina Ivy, a Pokémon researcher who meets up with Ash Ketchum and gives him the mysterious GS Ball. During their stay, Brock decides to stay on the island with Professor Ivy, but rejoins the group later on in the series.

Valencia Island is one of the many islands in the Orange Achipeligo and this was the setting for "OI002: Poké Ball Peril ". This island has the Laboratory of Professor Ivy and a variety of Pokémon that have adapted to the Island Life.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

Valencia Island is also the name of a real island off the southwest coast of Ireland.