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(I think grouping all of the learned move types is just a little too much and leaves a lot of empty data, but I was just playing around using data from my site. I'll play around with other looks later. Leave comments on my User talk page instead of in the sandbox or just discuss it on the Skype community group. —Personal Image - Marriland.pngMarriland 17:19, 2 October 2012 (UTC))

Pokémon LV TM Egg Tutor
003.png Venusaur X
004.png Charmander X X
005.png Charmeleon X
006.png Charizard X
009.png Blastoise X
031.png Nidoqueen X
034.png Nidoking X
056.png Mankey X
057.png Primeape X
058.png Growlithe X
059.png Arcanine X
105.png Marowak X
112.png Rhydon X
115.png Kangaskhan 46 X
116.png Horsea X X
117.png Seadra X
128.png Tauros X
130.png Gyarados X
131.png Lapras X
143.png Snorlax X
147.png Dratini 55 X
148.png Dragonair 67 X
149.png Dragonite 67 X
151.png Mew X
154.png Meganium X
160.png Feraligatr X
181.png Ampharos X
210.png Granbull 67 X
230.png Kingdra X
246.png Larvitar X X
247.png Pupitar X
248.png Tyranitar X
254.png Sceptile X
260.png Swampert X
295.png Exploud X
306.png Aggron X
329.png Vibrava X
330.png Flygon X
333.png Swablu X
334.png Altaria X
357.png Tropius X
371.png Bagon X
372.png Shelgon X
373.png Salamence X
380.png Latias X
381.png Latios X
384.png Rayquaza 50 X
389.png Torterra X
409.png Rampardos X
411.png Bastiodon X
443.png Gible X X
444.png Gabite X
445.png Garchomp X
460.png Abomasnow X
464.png Rhyperior X
483.png Dialga X
484.png Palkia X
487.png Giratina X
493.png Arceus X
497.png Serperior X
553.png Krookodile 60 X
560.png Scrafty X
567.png Archeops X
610.png Axew 56 X
611.png Fraxure 60 X
612.png Haxorus 66 X
621.png Druddigon 62 X
626.png Bouffalant X
633.png Deino 62 X
634.png Zweilous 71 X
635.png Hydreigon 79 X
643.png Reshiram 85 X
644.png Zekrom 85 X
645.png Landorus 85 X
646.png Kyurem 85 X
487B.png Giratina X
646B.png Kyurem X
File:646C.png Kyurem X
File:645B.png Landorus X

Leveling Up