The Riches

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The Riches are a Trainer Class that was introduced in and currently exclusive to Generation V. It is comprised of a family of 6: Draco, Susan, Clairdonna, Zillion, Trish, and Miles. They can all be fought over a course of 6 days in Undella Town: Draco on the first day, Draco and Susan on the second day, Draco, Susan, and Clairdonna on the third day, and so on until the player reaches the head of the family, Miles, on the sixth day. While fighting the multiple members of the Riches family, the player is not allowed to rest.

Sprites[edit | edit source]

Draco's Battle Sprite Susan's Battle Sprite Clairdonna's Battle Sprite Zillion's Battle Sprite Trish's Battle Sprite Miles's Battle Sprite
School Kid(M)BWsprite.png

trivia[edit | edit source]