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For creating a nice-looking table of Pokemon grouped by family, without as much formatting hassle. This template comprises a single row; use Template:Pokelist header, then one of this template for each Pokemon family. End with a "|}" below the final row.

If any Pokemon family in your table includes a mega or primal evolution, include "tempevo=yes" in every row. If there are no mega evolutions in your table, omit the tempevo parameter.

The "dex" parameter is the name of a Pokemon's mini-sprite image. Usually this is simply the three-digit National Pokédex number, but for mega Pokemon it may be something like "###M" or "### Mega".

The "name4" parameter, unlike the other name parameters, requires brackets to be manually added.


{{pokelist header|tempevo=yes}}
|dex4=003 Mega|name4=Mega [[Venusaur]]|typea4=Grass|typeb4=Poison}}
Unevolved First evolution Second evolution Temporary evolution
001.png Bulbasaur Type Grass.gif
Type Poison.gif
002.png Ivysaur Type Grass.gif
Type Poison.gif
003.png Venusaur Type Grass.gif
Type Poison.gif
003 Mega.png Mega Venusaur Type Grass.gif
Type Poison.gif
172.png Pichu Type Electric.gif 025.png Pikachu Type Electric.gif 026.png Raichu Type Electric.gif