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O = Active X = Inactive S = Semi-active

Member Name Activity Title Information
MrArceus X Lord of Editing (Edits pages and deletes vandalism)
Daikenki X Multi-Tasker (Does a mix of everything)
Franky bob X Graphic Artist (Adds sprites, creates templates, adds pictures and creates them too)
Crimsonnavy O Multi-Tasker (Temporary head of PokePower) (Does a mix of everything)
Latiasfan001 O Multi-Tasker (frequent editor, sometimes improves page aesthetics, fixes redlinks)
Hstar S Anime Builder (Specializes in making and editing Anime articles)
Darkraian10 X Blogger (Specializes in promoting PokéPower and enhances the community through nice comments)
Gatorfan6 X Organizer (Specializes in adding and creating categories to uphold this wiki's structure. He also creates templates)
CelestiaStar X Multi-Tasker (Does a bit of everything, watches for vandalism)
Gaehwasan S Template Maker (Has a mastery of making and fixing templates)
Violo X Game Editor (Works on and adds to game sections of articles)
AdventureWriter28 S Manga Builder (Works on and adds to Manga based articles)
Bullet Fransisco O Multi-Tasker (Does a mix of everything)
Amyroselove S Manga Editor (Works on many manga based articles)
Vulkan He'Stan X Aesthetic Designer (Works on the appearance of articles)
Jäzzi O Multi-Tasker (Edits many kinds of articles and also specializes in editing coding)
Jirachiwish O Manga Editor (Works on many Manga based articles, preferably Manga character articles)
Don13 O Anime Editor (Works on Anime based articles)
Winxfan1 O Anime Amplifier (Works on many Anime based articles)
Bermuda O Game Editor (Works on many game based articles and has been working on completing several tables for convenience)
ChaosVoid O Organizer (Specializes in adding categories to uphold this wiki's structure. He also removes incorrect info and vandalism.)