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The GameColor template is for outputting the standard color used on the Marriland Wiki to represent a particular game. This allows for a consistent experience and allows for the ability to easily change colors if needed. There are three colors for each game: the standard color, a light variant, and a dark variant.

Color Table[edit source]

The following table represents all of the colors used in this template. The text color is the normal color for the game, the background color is the light color for the game, and the row's border color is the dark color for the game. The first column in the table has a gray background instead, to match the background of the Marriland Wiki, and should give you an idea of how the text looks on its own.

Game Abbr. Color Light Color Dark Color
Red R f24928 fb9783 8f2b18
Blue BL 283bf2 929cf7 17238e
Yellow YEL f2f028 fcfccf 8f8e18
Gold G c1c047 d6d581 706f29
Silver S b7b7b7 dcdcdc 717171
Crystal C 4cded9 a1f0ed 2e8582
Ruby Ru bb0000 e86565 720000
Sapphire Sa 0000bb 6e6ee1 000072
Emerald E 007711 58b165 00450a
FireRed FR f27e28 f5b07d a6561b
LeafGreen LG 25cc1d 8bed87 177c12
Colosseum Col d45d5d e4aaaa 843a3a
XD XD 762caa c19ed9 4d1d6f
Diamond D 44bfe7 95dbf2 2c7d97
Pearl P e7bce6 f6e6f6 947893
Platinum Pt d2c48a f0e9cd 7e7653
HeartGold HG a5a424 cccb87 666516
SoulSilver SS a7a7a7 d4d4d4 6a6a6a
Black B 444444 8c8c8c 111111
White W c3c3c3 ffffff a7a7a7
Black 2 B2 404b7f 828bb7 293052
White 2 W2 edbdbd f6dfdf be9898
X X 025da6 5a96c5 013d6c
Y Y ea1a3e f16a81 981128

Syntax[edit source]

The GameColor template accepts one or two unnamed parameters.

  • The first parameter is for the game whose color is to be used. The game should be the name of the game, minus Pokémon and Version (refer to the table above). It is case-insensitive, although for consistency, please try to match the capitalization shown in the table above.
    • Abbreviations can be used, although there are some trouble points: BL must be used for Blue, since B is reserved for Black, as it is more current; Ru must be used for Ruby to avoid confusion with Red, while Sa must be used for Sapphire to avoid confusion with Silver.
  • The second parameter is optional and can be set to either light or dark. Setting this parameter returns the light or dark color variant for that game. For stylistic purposes, this should be in lowercase, although it is case-insensitive.

Using {{GameColor|Red}} returns the following: f24928 It is expected that the returned color will be included into a Color Template or used in CSS. The # must be added in the target output in order to produce the desired results (such as for a background color), as GameColor does not return it.

Sample Output[edit source]

Color text in Pokémon Ruby's color
Make a table with a game's text color, background color (light), and border color (dark)
{| style="background: #{{GameColor|LeafGreen|light}}; color: #{{GameColor|LeafGreen}}; border: 2px #{{GameColor|LeafGreen|dark}} solid;"
|- style="background: #{{GameColor|LeafGreen}}; color: #{{GameColor|LeafGreen|dark}}"
! Test !! Test !! Test
| Test || Test || Test
| Test || Test || Test
Test Test Test
Test Test Test
Test Test Test