Tate's Solrock

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Tate's Solrock
Japanese Name
Tate's Solrock
Trainer: [[Tate]]
Gender: None
Ability: Levitate
Debut: AG099: It's Still Rocket Roll to Me!
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Evolved: Not yet evolved
Original Trainer: Tate

Tate's Solrock is Tate's only known Pokémon.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Solrock first appeared in a battle with Liza's Lunatone. Although Solrock was strong, Lunatone was stronger and broke through Solrock's SolarBeam with a devastating Ice Beam, freezing and defeating Solrock at the same time. Solrock was later used to defeat Team Rocket.

During their first Gym battle with Ash, Tate and Liza got into an argument and would have lost the battle if Team Rocket hadn't rudely interferred. Although Solrock and Lunatone were the victims of Team Rocket's theft, they turned the tables on the villains and Team Rocket were soon the victims of their Psychic attacks.

During the rematch with Ash, Tate and Liza worked as a team and nearly defeated Ash, but the tide of the battle changed when Ash ordered Pikachu to aim its Thunder attack straight into the clouds. Thunder then hit Pikachu and its Flying type partner Swellow, injuring them both but through sheer willpower the two Pokémon absorbed the electricity and stored it in their bodies, creating a unique "Thunder Armor". Using this armor, Pikachu and Swellow overwhelmed Solrock and Lunatone, knocking them both out at the same time with Iron Tail and Aerial Ace.

Known moves[edit | edit source]

Move Episode
Solar Beam
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Psychic {{{3}}}
Tackle {{{3}}}
Sandstorm {{{3}}}
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- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.