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Symbiosis (Japanese: きょうせい Symbiosis) is an Ability introduced in the Generation VI games, Pokémon X and Y. It is the signature ability of Flabébé and its evolutions, Floette, and Florges. This ability is only obtained through a Pokémon's Hidden Ability.

Game info[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

Version(s) Description
X/Y The Pokémon can pass an item to an ally.

Effect[edit | edit source]

In battle[edit | edit source]

Symbiosis will give the item it is holding to an ally if the ally's item is consumed. If the item was moved from the user and given to another Pokémon, Symbiosis will not trigger. If an item that is given to the Pokémon through Symbiosis would change its typing or move typings, the changes will not take affect, but the user will hold the item still. If the item that the Pokémon receives is a berry and can consume it, it will do so immediately after receiving the berry. If in the event that the item Eject Button is used by the Pokémon, the item transfer will not take place until after the new Pokémon is switched in. The only item that will not transfer to another Pokémon are the various Mega Stones.

Outside of battle[edit | edit source]

Symbiosis has no effect outside of battle.

List of Pokémon[edit | edit source]

List of Pokémon
Sprite Pokémon Type Obtained
669.png Flabébé Fairy Hidden
670.png Floette Fairy Hidden
671.png Florges Fairy Hidden
This list is made for Generation VI and therefore may include abilities that were not introduced in previous generations.