Suzy Myers

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Suzy Myers
Name: Suzy Myers
Birth Date: Unknown
Country: USA
Language: English
Notable Character(s):

Suzy Myers Is a voice actress in Pokémon Black and White. Not much is known about her. Before joining the cast of Pokémon, she worked alongside most of the 4kids VA's in Winx Club as Stormy, before 4kids lost the rights to Winx and Pokémon and before she passed on the role of Stormy to Kimberly Brooke. She is currently voicing Sena in the latest 4kids production Tai Chi Chasers.

Pokémon Anime Roles

Non-Pokemon Anime Roles

  • Stormy in Winx Club
  • Sena in Tai Chi Casers


  • She and Lisa Ortiz (voice for Ash's Oshawott and others) worked together in the 4kids production of Winx Club as two of the three witches that make up The Trix.

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