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Sullivan is a charecter from the Pokémon anime who appeared in the episode Whiscash and Ash.

For many years Sullivan has been trying to capture a Whiscash nicknamed 'Nero'. When he meets up with Ash and friends, he hopes that they will help him find Nero, which they do, and Sullivan battles it with his Flaaffy nicknamed Hannah. After weakening Nero, Sullivan tells Ash that he has a Master Ball which will allow him to capture any Pokémon he wishes! When Sullivan throws his Master Ball,he gets suprised when Nero all of a sudden eats it! Although shocked that his Master Ball got eaten, Sullivan says that although he failed to catch Nero this time, he will always look forward to catching Nero one day!

This episode was banished to the Banned Bin because of the Japanese Earthquake.

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

Sullivan's Flaffy[edit | edit source]

Hannah is the nickname of Sullivans Pokémon Flaaffy in Whiscash and Ash. Once Sullivan got Nero on land, he battled with Hannah using its awesome moves like Dynamicpunch! Hannah's current location is with Sullivan, still searching for Nero!

Moves used: 1. DynamicPunch 2. Iron Tail 3. Thundershock 4. Focus Punch