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(ケニヤン Kenyan)
Region: Unova
Age: 14 or more
Hometown: Unknown
Class: Pokémon Trainer
Friends: Ash Ketchum
Voice actor: Darren Dunstan (English)
Tomohiro Waki (Japanese)
Debut: BW031: Oshawott's Lost Scalchop!

Stephan appeared in BW031 and he had a battle with Ash's Oshawott. In the first battle he won, but in the second one he wasn't so lucky. He later reappeared in BW041 in the Club Battle Tournament. He lost to Iris and her Emolga in the quarter-finals. A running gag is that nobody can pronounce his name properly and he keeps complaining about it. He appeared again in BW071 to compete in the Bell of Wishes Festival Contest and won. He accompanied Ash and co. to the next town for the Donamite Battle Competition. Stephan won the tournament after beating Masaomi and his Throh.

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

Blitzle → Zebstrika
Zebstrika first appeared as Blitzle, battling Ash's Oshawott twice. In BW041 it reappeared as a Zebstrika, and later it battled Bianca's Minccino and achieved victory. Zebstrika's Moves: Shock Wave, Flame Charge, Double Kick and Stomp.
Kenyan Sawk.png
Sawk 15px
He made an appearance in BW043 and battled Iris' Emolga at the quarter-finals of the Club Battle Tournament. During the battle Sawk showed the extent of his power by stopping Emolga's Attract with Close Combat. However, Emolga's Static paralyzed him resulting in her victory. It reappeared in BW071 and, like Stephan in the cosplay contest, it dressed up as Nurse Joy's Audino. Sawk's Moves: Close Combat, Bulk Up, Double Kick, Low Sweep and Karate Chop.
Stephan's Liepard.png
Stephan's Liepard debuted in BW107 in the Vertress Conference. Liepard's moves are Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, Hyper Beam and Double Team.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Stephan should also have a third Pokémon, because he participated in the Club Battle Tournament, which requires three Pokémon for entry.
  • Stephan seems to be a sort of replacement to Team Rocket's Butch. This is due to the fact that no one pronounces either names right.

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