Spacial Rift

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Spacial Rift
No image.png
Floors 25
Majority type None
Allowed team size 3
Boss Palkia
Kecleon shops None
Monster houses None
Traps Yes

Spacial Rift is Palkia's domain in Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky. It is where Palkia captures the player and the partner to confront them. Palkia can be fought again there to join the team after defeating Darkrai.

Palkia Defeated
Spacial Rift.jpg

Pokemon[edit | edit source]

Pokémon Floors found on
MD452.png Drapion 1-6
Sableye 1-24
Xatu 1-7
Gallade 1-9
Jolteon (1F-9F, 11F-19F, & 21F-24F)
Electivire 1-24
Magnezone 1-24
MD006FL.png Charizard 1-24
Chatot 1-6
Honchkrow 1-9, 11-19, & 21-24
Kadabra 1-9, 11-19 & 21-24
Solrock 4-10
Chimecho 5-24
MD207.png Gligar 6-24
Bronzor 7-12
Toxicroak 7-24
Tropius 12-17
Drowzee 15-19
Spiritomb 15-20
Porygon 18-23
Lunatone 21-24
Hypno 21-24
Palkia 25