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The Societea (Japanese: Tea Party) is a secret society that first appeared in Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs. The Societea was once a group of Class A thieves before they bought the Pokemon Pinchers. They are lead by Edward, a man who created the Societea for money but was broken down when the members aged. The Societea was revived by Edward so they found a new goal:eternal youth, a goal which he and his fellow thieves share. In the game they are found one by one by the player character, not knowing that the seemingl harmless old-age people are actually members of the Societea. They are found at Air Fortress and are the final bosses of the game. They also control the Steelhead soldiers and are best known for vaporizing Dolce Island.

Known Members[edit | edit source]

  • Edward: Edward is the leader of the Societea and Pokémon Pinchers
  • Kasa: Kasa is a master of disguise and is the most sophisticated member in the Societea
  • Hocus: Hocus is a skilled Magician who can make Pokémon disappear
  • Arley: Arley is a Strongman and has the lowest rank in the Societea Hierarchy

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Societea is a pun on how the members meet up: by having a tea party.

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