Shalour City

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Shalour City
シャラシティ Shara City
Map of Shalour City
A city of awakening.
Location info
Region: Kalos
Connecting routes: ↓South - Reflection Cave
→West - Route 12
Location of Shalour City in Kalos.
Gym info
Name: Shalour City Gym
Leader: Korrina
Types: Fighting
Badge: Rumble Badge
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Shalour City (Japanese: シャラシティ Shara City) is a city located in the Kalos region. The place is located along the sea and is known for its nice views. The city's Gym Leader is Korrina.

Notable Places

Shalour Gym

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Tower of Mastery

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The Tower of Mastery is which has a relation to Mega Evolutions.

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