Serene Grace

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Serene Grace is an ability that doubles the chance that a move will have additional effects. For example, Fire Fang has a 20% chance that it will burn the opponent, and Steel Wing has a 60% chance of raising your defense by 1. It is seen competitively used with Togekiss and Jirachi, Togekiss uses Air Slash (Flinch rate of 60%) and JIrachi using Iron Head (Flinch rate of 30%) and Body Slam (paralysis rate of 60%)

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#113 Chansey 113.png Type Normal.gif Natural
#175 Togepi 175.png Type Normal.gif Natural
#176 Togetic 176.png Type Normal.gifType Flying.gif Natural
#206 Dunsparce 206.png Type Normal.gif Natural
#242 Blissey 242.png Type Normal.gif Natural
#385 Jirachi 385.png Type Steel.gifType Psychic.gif Natural
#440 Happiny 440.png Type Normal.gif Natural
#468 Togekiss 468.png Type Normal.gifType Flying.gif Natural
#492 Shaymin 492S.png Type Grass.gifType Flying.gif Natural
#585 Deerling 585.png585A.png585B.png585C.png Type Normal.gifType Grass.gif Dream World
#586 Sawsbuck 586.png586A.png586B.png586C.png Type Normal.gifType Grass.gif Dream World
#648 Meloetta (Aria Form) 648.png Type Normal.gifType Psychic.gif Natural
#648 Meloetta (Pirouette Form) 648A.png Type Normal.gifType Fighting.gif Natural