School Kid

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A School Kid is a Trainer Class introduced in Generation II as Schoolboys. In Generation III, female variations began to appear and the class changed into a gender-neutral name. They are presented as children carrying school bags.

Sprites[edit | edit source]

Gen. II Gen. III Male Battle Sprite Gen. III Female Battle Sprite Gen. IV Male Battle Sprite
School KidGSCsprite.png
School Kid(M)RSEsprite.png
School Kid(F)RSEsprite.png
School Kid(M)DPPtsprite.png
Gen. IV Female Battle Sprite HGSS Battle Sprite Gen. V Male Battle Sprite Gen. V Female Battle Sprite
School Kid(F)DPPtsprite.png
School KidHGSSsprite.png
School Kid(M)BWsprite.png
School Kid(F)BWsprite.png

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