Sand Veil

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Sand Veil is an ability in which the user's evasion increases if a Sandstorm is present. If the user is not a Rock, Steel, or Ground-type, then the user will not be harmed by the effects of a Sandstorm. It also makes it 50% less probable that you will encounter wild Pokémon in areas where a Sandstorm occurs, if the Pokémon with this ability is in the lead spot.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#027 Sandshrew 027.png File:Type Ground.gif Natural
#028 Sandslash 028.png File:Type Ground.gif Natural
#050 Diglett 050.png File:Type Ground.gif Natural
#051 Dugtrio 051.png File:Type Ground.gif Natural
#074 Geodude 074.png File:Type Rock.gifFile:Type Ground.gif Dream World
#075 Graveler 075.png File:Type Rock.gifFile:Type Ground.gif Dream World
#076 Golem 076.png File:Type Rock.gifFile:Type Ground.gif Dream World
#207 Gligar 207.png File:Type Ground.gifFile:Type Flying.gif Natural
#231 Phanpy 231.png File:Type Ground.gif Dream World
#232 Donphan 232.png File:Type Ground.gif Dream World
#246 Larvitar 246.png File:Type Rock.gifFile:Type Ground.gif Dream World
#331 Cacnea 331.png File:Type Grass.gif Natural
#332 Cacturne 332.png File:Type Grass.gifFile:Type Dark.gif Natural
#443 Gible 443.png File:Type Dragon.gifFile:Type Ground.gif Natural
#444 Gabite 444.png File:Type Dragon.gifFile:Type Ground.gif Natural
#445 Garchomp 445.png File:Type Dragon.gifFile:Type Ground.gif Natural
#472 Gliscor 472.png File:Type Ground.gifFile:Type Flying.gif Natural
#618 Stunfisk 618.png File:Type Ground.gifFile:Type Electric.gif Dream World