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(アクーシャ Akusha)
Function: Serves as the hidden location for the Sea Crown.
Debut: Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea

Samiya is the location of an ancient temple constructed by the People of the Water, and also serves as the location of the civilisation's defining feature, the Sea Crown.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Samiya was built many eons ago by the People of the Water, as a homage to the Manaphy species, and as such the Sea Temple is constantly moving locations due to the current. It is said that Samiya was constructed to serve as a home for the Manaphy species, and this is present due to the fact that all Manaphy instinctively know the location of the Temple from birth.

Samiya is also sought after by people who wish to steal its crown jewel, the Sea Crown from the center of the Temple. As a countermeasure, the People of the Water adapted a cloaking mechanism around the entirety of Samiya, which in effect allows it to blend in with the surrounding water and therefore go unnoticed. However, this cloaking ability is negated on the night of a lunar eclipse, which The Phantom takes advantage of. When the eclipse ends, Samiya fades away.

The energy barrier encasing Samiya dissipates.

The Sea Crown, hidden deep in the center of Samiya, is comprised of a variety of large crystals which serve as the power source behind the Sea Temple. When one or more of these crystals are removed from the base, this results in the dissipation of the energy field enveloping Samiya and allows for water to seep in at a rapid rate. This process can only be reversed if the stolen crystals are returned back to the Sea Crown.

When seen in its entirety, Samiya is roughly the size of a large city. The main base at the center of the Sea Temple consists of a spiraling column ascending upwards into a spire-like peak. When inside, there are a variety of water fountains and sections traversable only through the aid of Water-type Pokémon.

The Sea Crown Tablet in Samiya.

In one particular section of Samiya, there is a stone tablet which bears the emblem of the Sea Crown. However, the text situated below the emblem is written in the native language of the People of the Water, which is a rare enough dialect that only two people are known to understand the symbols, one being The Phantom and the other being Lizabeth's grandfather.

Behind this tablet is a door leading to the location of the Sea Crown. The entrance to this door can only be activated through the use of the jade crystals possessed by the People of the Water, which resonate with one another when brought into close contact.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Japanese name for Samiya, Akusha, is derived from アクア aqua and 社 sha respectively.
  • In the Viz Media translation of the manga adaptation of the movie, Samiya is referred to as Akusha. Alternatively, in Chuang Yi's manga adaptation of the movie, it was referred to as Samaya.