Rustling Grass

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The dark grass where Pokémon appear in rustling grass. They also appear in the normal rustling grass too.
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Rustling Grass is a patch of tall grass that rustles and guarantees high-level or powerful wild Pokémon that occurs after the player has obtained the Trio Badge. Audino is known to commonly appear in rustling grass among other rare Pokémon.

Rustling Grass Pokémon

Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Locations
#012 Butterfree 012.png Type Bug.gifType Flying.gif Route 12 (White)
#015 Beedrill 015.png Type Bug.gifType Poison.gif Route 12 (Black)
#036 Clefable 036.png Type Normal.gif Giant Chasm
#038 Ninetales 038.png Type Fire.gif Abundant Shrine
#040 Wigglytuff 040.png Type Normal.gif Route 14
#078 Rapidash 078.png Type Fire.gif Route 12
#115 Kangaskhan 115.png Type Normal.gif Route 15
#127 Pinsir 127.png Type Bug.gif Route 12
#166 Ledian 166.png Type Bug.gifType Flying.gif Dreamyard
#168 Ariados 168.png Type Bug.gifType Poison.gif Dreamyard
#169 Crobat 169.png Type Poison.gifType Flying.gif Route 13, Giant Chasm
#192 Sunflora 192.png Type Grass.gif Route 12
#207 Gligar 207.png Type Ground.gifType Flying.gif Route 11, 15
#213 Shuckle 213.png Type Bug.gifType Rock.gif Route 14
#214 Heracross 214.png Type Bug.gifType Fighting.gif Route 12
#225 Delibird 225.png Type Ice.gifType Flying.gif Giant Chasm
#248 Tyranitar 248.png Type Rock.gifType Dark.gif Route 15
#334 Altaria 334.png Type Dragon.gifType Flying.gif Route 14
#335 Zangoose 335.png Type Normal.gif Route 11, Village Bridge
#336 Seviper 336.png Type Poison.gif Route 11, Village Bridge
#357 Tropius 357.png Type Grass.gifType Flying.gif Route 14
#359 Absol 359.png Type Dark.gif Route 13, Giant Chasm
#376 Metagross 376.png Type Steel.gifType Psychic.gif Giant Chasm
#416 Vespiquen 416.png Type Bug.gifType Flying.gif Route 12
#421 Cherrim 421.png Type Grass.gif Route 12
#429 Mismagius 429.png Type Ghost.gif Abundant Shrine (White)
#430 Honchkrow 430.png Type Dark.gifType Flying.gif Abundant Shrine (Black)
#465 Tangrowth 465.png Type Grass.gif Route 13, Giant Chasm
#472 Gliscor 472.png Type Ground.gifType Flying.gif Route 11, 15
#473 Mamoswine 473.png Type Ice.gifType Ground.gif Giant Chasm
#511 Pansage 511.png Type Grass.gif Pinwheel Forest, Lostlorn Forest
#513 Pansear 513.png Type Fire.gif Pinwheel Forest, Lostlorn Forest
#515 Panpour 515.png Type Water.gif Pinwheel Forest, Lostlorn Forest
#531 Audino 531.png Type Normal.gif Route 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18, Dreamyard, Pinwheel Forest, Cold Storage, Celestial Tower, Dragonspiral Tower
#547 Whimsicott 547.png Type Grass.gif Pinwheel Forest, Abundant Shrine, Lostlorn Forest (Black)
#549 Lilligant 549.png Type Grass.gif Pinwheel Forest, Abundant Shrine, Lostlorn Forest (White)
#587 Emolga 587.png Type Electric.gifType Flying.gif Route 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, Dragonspiral Tower, Giant Chasm, Abundant Shrine, Lostlorn Forest