Rock Head

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Rock Head is an ability introduced in Generation Three that prevents recoil damage. This prevents damage from moves such as Take Down and Brave Bird, but not from Struggle or using a Life Orb.

Eighteen Pokémon have this ability, twelve of them being the Ground-type.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#074 Geodude 074.png File:Type Rock.gifFile:Type Ground.gif Natural
#075 Graveler 075.png File:Type Rock.gifFile:Type Ground.gif Natural
#076 Golem 076.png File:Type Rock.gifFile:Type Ground.gif Natural
#095 Onix 095.png File:Type Rock.gifFile:Type Ground.gif Natural
#104 Cubone 104.png File:Type Ground.gif Natural
#105 Marowak 105.png File:Type Ground.gif Natural
#111 Rhyhorn 111.png File:Type Ground.gifFile:Type Rock.gif Natural
#112 Rhydon 112.png File:Type Ground.gifFile:Type Rock.gif Natural
#142 Aerodactyl 142.png File:Type Rock.gifFile:Type Flying.gif Natural
#185 Sudowoodo 185.png File:Type Rock.gif Natural
#208 Steelix 208.png File:Type Steel.gifFile:Type Ground.gif Natural
#304 Aron 304.png File:Type Steel.gifFile:Type Rock.gif Natural
#305 Lairon 305.png File:Type Steel.gifFile:Type Rock.gif Natural
#306 Aggron 306.png File:Type Steel.gifFile:Type Rock.gif Natural
#369 Relicanth 369.png File:Type Water.gifFile:Type Rock.gif Natural
#371 Bagon 371.png File:Type Dragon.gif Natural
#372 Shelgon 372.png File:Type Dragon.gif Natural
#438 Bonsly 438.png File:Type Rock.gif Natural
#550 Basculin 550A.png File:Type Water.gif Natural