Rival Destinies (song)

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Rival Destinies
An image from the opening
An image from the opening
Artist: Kathryn Raio and Alex Nackman

Rival Destinies is the fifteenth opening theme song for Pokémon and the opening for BW Rival Destinies.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

English[edit | edit source]

♪ A new adventure
Another day
One more challenge that comes our way
It's up to me and you
We know what we've got to do
We are together now
Friends forever now
Whatever comes our way
We won't run away
Standing tall
One for all
It's our destiny
Pokemon!! ♪

Spanish[edit | edit source]

♪ Una aventura, por empezar
Hoy nos vuelve a desafiar
Tenemos el poder
Sabemos lo que hay que hacer
Estamos juntos sí
Juntos hasta el fin
Da igual lo que vendrá
Más nos unirá
Juntos sí
Vamos a seguir
Pokémon!! ♪

Translation[edit | edit source]

♪ An adventure
To begin
Today again to do a challenge
We have the power
We know what to do
We are together, yes
Together to the end
No matter what comes
More, together we are
Together, yes
We will continue
Pokémon!! ♪