Ricard Nouveau

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Ricard Nouveau
(ピノ・ノワール Pinot Noir)
Ricard Nouveau.png
Region: Unova
Class: Trainer
Voice actor: H.D. Quinn (English)
Anri Katsu (Japanese)
Debut: BW082

Ricard Nouveau (Japanese: ピノ・ノワール Pinot Noir) is an A-class Connoisseur who debuted in Clash of the Connoisseurs!. He, like Cilan, was called upon by a man for his connoisseur skills. He was tasked with finding an appropriate first partner for Marigold and suggests a Petilil. Cilan disagrees and suggests a Foongus because of the dual typing. Since they disagree, Ricard and Cilan end up having a battle to decide who was correct.

The two battle it out but Ricard's Pokémon is a Purrloin, Cilan's worst fear. Cilan manages to overcome his fear of Purrloin and beats Ricard with an attack combo. Ricard recognizes Cilan's talent and pledges to win a showdown the next time they meet.

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

Ricard Nouveau Purrloin.png
Purrloin is Ricard's only known Pokémon. It used its impressive speed to momentarily rattle Cilan and his Crustle, but Cilan managed to overcome his fear of Purrloin and ordered Crustle to defeat it using a Shell Smash and Rock Wrecker combo. Known moves: Fury Swipes, Night Slash and Sand-Attack.