Ranger Union

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Ranger Union
レンジャーユニオン Ranger Union
Map of ranger Union
Information about Ranger Union
Region: Almia
Connecting locations: ↓ South - Union Road
Weather: Normal
Kind: Normal
Location of ranger Union in Almia
Location of Ranger Union in Almia.

The Ranger Union (レンジャーユニオン Ranger Union) is a large building which serves as the primary base of operations by which the Pokémon Rangers of Almia get their orders from.


Run by Chairperson Erma, the Union is the headquarters where Operators track and communicate with Pokémon Rangers spanning the Almia region via voicemail. The Ranger Union in this region is largely responsible for distributing missions to Rangers, some of which can allow the Ranger to travel to other regions.

The Ranger Union also works in co-operation with the facility set up to train Rangers-in-the-making, the Ranger School which was devised by Lamont, a friend of Chairperson Erma. It can officially upgrade the ranking system of individual Rangers for outstanding bravery and fortitude in the face of danger, which is a classification system ranging from Ranger Rank 1 to ranger Rank 10.

Top Rangers

The Top Rangers are those personally selected by Chairperson Erma herself, for displaying traits of outstanding leadership in the midst of a crisis. As such, there are only 12 of these Top Rangers in the entire world, and only four of whom are known.

  • Sven - Sven is known to have at least 10,000 successful captures. His Partner Pokémon is a Luxray.
  • Wendy - Known as the Flying Ranger, her Partner Pokémon is a Staraptor.
  • Kate/Kellyn - The protagonist of the Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia series, Kate/Kellyn are the latest Rangers to join the ranks of the prestigious Top Rangers. Their Partner Pokémon vary.