Quick Powder

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Quick Powder
( スピードパウダー Speed Powder )
Buy For: Poké Dollar.pngCannot be bought
Sell For: Poké Dollar.png5
Type: No Type
Generation: IV

Quick Powder is an item introduced in Generation IV that can only be found on wild Ditto and can only be used by a Ditto. When held, it doubles the Speed stat of the holder.

Ways to Obtain[edit | edit source]

Generation IV[edit | edit source]

When the item was introduced in Diamond and Pearl, the only way of obtaining it was on Wild Ditto which were found in Route 218 via the Poké Radar. The chance of them holding it was 50% each encounter. In HeartGold and SoulSilver, wild Dittos remained as the only way of retrieving the item with the chance remaining at 50%.

Generation V[edit | edit source]

In both Black/White and Black and White 2, the chance of finding Quick Powder on Wild Dittos remained the same (50%) with no new methods available of obtaining the item.

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