Purple Eye

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Purple Eyes
パープルアイ Purple Eye
Purple Eye.png
Region: Oblivia
Age: Late 20's
Hometown: Unknown
  • Unknown
Class: Pokemon Pinchers Admin

Purple Eyes is an admin of Pokemon Pinchers, who appears in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs. He is first seen is in Oblivia Ruins. He is then seen the top of Laiun Mountain, where he is trying to obtain Zapdos. He is the one who transfers Edward's Mewtwo suit. He disappears when Mewtwo's suit is broken.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Of all of the Pokémon Pinchers admins, Purple Eyes is seen the least of by the player.
  • Purple Eyes is the only Pokémon Pinchers admin who has Yoroibito soldiers.
  • In the special mission "Pledge to Arceus" Purple Eyes appears and angers Arceus by saying that he wants to rule the new worlds Arceus will create after it destroys this one.
    • After the player befriends Arceus, Arceus takes Purple Eyes to his world against Purple Eye's will.

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