Pryce's Dewgong

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Pryce's Dewgong
Japanese Name
Pryce's Dewgong
Trainer: Pryce
Debut: JE120: Rage of Innocence
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Evolved: Not yet evolved
Original Trainer: Pryce

Pryce's Dewgong was Pryce's main Pokemon until he was reunited with his beloved Piloswine.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Dewgong first appeared alongside its trainer in order to stop the Red Gyarados from attacking Mahogany Town. It stopped Gyarados' Hyper Beam with a powerful Ice Beam. Dewgong was also used to battle Ash's Phanpy where it won with a single Ice Beam, freezing Phanpy.

Dewgong was originally seen as little more than a tool by Pryce, who thought that Pokémon and Humans were not meant to be friends. However after Pryce was reunited with his long lost Piloswine, his heart softened and he started to care for his Pokemon again. He used Dewgong to battle Ash's Cyndaquil in their Gym battle and congratulated Dewgong even though it was defeated by the Fire type, which its Water type charactaristics should have given it an advantage against.

Known moves[edit | edit source]

Move Episode
Aurora Beam
Ice Beam {{{3}}}
Aurora Beam {{{3}}}
Headbutt {{{3}}}
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- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.