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An outline for the pronunciation spellings on Pokémon pages. This page is not comprehensive; it simply aims to clear up confusion by including letters that can make multiple sounds, and some sounds that can be made by multiple different letters or combinations of letters.

Vowels[edit | edit source]

Spelling Description Generic example Pokémon example
ey long A today, sugarcane Raticate
a short A battle, map Woobat
ee long E beacon, evil Combee
e short E bread, elegant Azelf
ahy long I strike, eye Grovyle
i short I dish, timber Mimikyu
oh long O open, rainbow Seismitoad
o short O rock, forgot Shiinotic
ah father, hall Magcargo
aw scrawny Bulbasaur
oo long U noodle, put Wooper
yoo human Cubone
uh short U honey, punch Budew
schwa about, pencil, focus Incineroar

Consonants[edit | edit source]

Spelling Description Example
ch charge, watch
g hard G good
j J, soft G jug, rigid
k K, hard C clock, pink, choir
s soft C, hard S center, thesis
z Z, soft S busy, prize
zh Ezh (ʒ) genre, version