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An outline for the pronunciation spellings on Pokémon pages. This page is not comprehensive; it simply aims to clear up confusion by including letters that can make multiple sounds, and some sounds that can be made by multiple different letters or combinations of letters.


Spelling Description Generic example Pokémon example
ey long A today, sugarcane Raticate
a short A battle, map Woobat
ee long E beacon, evil Combee
e short E bread, elegant Azelf
ahy long I strike, eye Grovyle
i short I dish, timber Mimikyu
oh long O open, rainbow Seismitoad
o short O rock, forgot Shiinotic
ah father, hall Magcargo
aw scrawny Bulbasaur
oo long U noodle, put Wooper
yoo human Cubone
uh short U honey, punch Budew
schwa about, pencil, focus Incineroar


Spelling Description Example
ch charge, watch
g hard G good
j J, soft G jug, rigid
k K, hard C clock, pink, choir
s soft C, hard S center, thesis
z Z, soft S busy, prize
zh Ezh (ʒ) genre, version