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Pokémon Watch
ポケッチ Pokétch
The newest model of the Pokétch
The newest model of the Pokétch
An old model of the Pokétch

The Pokétch, formally known as the Pokémon Watch, is a watch introduced in Generation IV. It can obtain features such as a Calculator, Counter, etc. The player can obtain it in Jubilife City after obtaining 3 tickets and going to the Trainer's School and give it to the president. It is one of the most high-tech gadgets on the Pokémon world. When you obtain the Pokétch, there are a few Pokétch apps already installed, such as the Digital Watch app and the Pedometer app. There is an old version and a new version of the Pokétch. To get the new version, the player must obtain all 25 Pokétch apps, then go and speak to the man who gave the player the Pokétch in the Pokétch building, who will upgrade the player's Pokétch. The watch has not appeared in a game since Generation IV.

List of Pokétch Apps
Digital Watch - Calculator - Memo Pad - Pedometer - Pokémon List
Friendship Checker - Dowsing Machine - Berry Searcher - Day-Care Checker - Pokémon History
Counter - Analog Watch - Marking Map - Link Searcher - Coin Toss
Move Tester - Calendar - Dot Artist - Roulette - Trainer Counter
Kitchen Timer - Color Changer - Matchup Checker - Stopwatch - Alarm Clock