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Pokémon Sienna

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Pokémon Sienna
Pokémon Sienna is a popular ROM hack of Pokémon FireRed. Apparently, Pokémon was called "Hack of the Year" for 2010 due to its fun gameplay and creativeness. Pokémon Sienna has the same font as Pokémon FireRed but not the same character models. This game shows the storyline of a young trainer who was rejected from the Indigo Plateau school due to a lack of experience, who then sets out to defeat the Pokémon League so that he/she will be accepted into the Indigo Plateau school. The game takes place in the Voultan region. Pokémon Sienna is currently still under-development.

The latest version (3.1 beta) was released on Saturday, Oct. 9th 2010 and has seven gyms to present.


thumb|left|250px|Published by YouTube member "munchlax555". Created by "TheMunchingOrange"