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Pokémon Master is a position that many Pokémon Trainers want to achieve. However, it has never been properly told what a Pokémon Master is and how to achieve such a position of power. There are many theories which try to reveal the mysteries of a Pokémon Master and answer the many questions that can explain the title of a Pokémon Master.

Theories[edit | edit source]

  • Many believe that a Pokémon Master is a Pokémon Trainer who has captured all Pokémon.
    • However, this would be practically impossible for any Pokémon Trainer to achieve in reality. Not only will a Pokémon Trainer have to capture all the Pokémon (which is already a difficult task), he/she will have to feed food and exercise all the Pokémon everyday, which is completely impossible.
  • Many believe that a Pokémon Master is a Pokémon Trainer who has defeated all Gym Leaders and obtained all the Gym Badges.
  • Another theory that many believe is that in order to become a Pokémon Master is to defeat the Elite Four and become the Champion.
  • A Pokémon Master is a trainer who can never be defeated.
  • Ash Ketchum once mentioned that a trainer needed to capture at least one of every type of pokemon (ie-fire, ice, dragon etc...). It is assumed that this excludes Mythic, Legendary, and Extinct types.
  • According to The Official Pokémon Handbook, a Pokémon Trainer would deserve the position of Pokémon Master by either capturing or defeating Mewtwo.
    • In the anime and manga, this would be practically impossible to achieve.
  • In the Electric Tales of Pikachu manga, a Pokémon Master is simply a trainer who is a professional in Pokémon battling, takes part in many Pokémon tournaments and is well known.
  • Some believe that one can become a Pokémon Master after defeating the Elite Four and Battle Frontier of every region.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is Ash Ketchum's main goal as a Pokémon trainer, although it is unknown how close he is to reaching it.

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