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Pokémon Lake

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Pokémon Lake's logo

Pokémon Lake is an online game site where people can buy an unlimited number of Master Balls, Elemental Stones, Rare Candies, and a new Poké Ball called the Shadow Ball. One can only get these Shadow Balls when they go on their site, then click on "Items", and click on "Get Shadow Points". To join Pokémon Lake, the person must be thirteen years or older.


It has many features, such chatting, battling, taking care of Trainer's Pokémon, and trading. In battling, there are four types of battles with them being User Battle, Live Battle, Endless Battle, and Tag Battle. User Battle is a person vs. a CPU trainer. Live Battle is when people battle each other, but the other players are not controlled by the computer. Endless Battle is an infinite number of battles and it will not end until someone loses a battle. Tag Battle is when someone forms a team and must wait for other people join his/her team. People can also capture an infinty number of Pokémon in the Maps and they can even evolve their Pokémon.

For people to take care of Trainer's Pokémon, they must earn at least a hundred Happiness Points. A lot of Legendary Pokémon on this site can be caught.

Differences from Games

  • In Pokémon Lake, there are no regional Champions, just a drawn character named Errietta, based on the person who developed Pokémon Lake.
  • Gym Leaders may have Legendary Pokémon.
  • There is the Kanto Battle Frontier instead of the Sinnoh and Hoenn Battle Frontiers.