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Pokémon Contests are Competitions that Coordinators train and enter win the contests and get ribbons. There are two main characters that are Coordinators: Dawn travels with Ash in Sinnoh and May who travels with Ash in Hoenn . The Judges are Contesta, Sukizo, and Nurse Joy.

Contests can be held under a Single Performance or Double Performance rule.

Rounds[edit | edit source]

Round One[edit | edit source]

The first round involves the Coordinator appealing with his or her Pokémon to demonstrate its moves. During the appeal, the judges, usually Contesta, Sukizo, and a Nurse Joy, score the Coordinator. People with the highest scores proceed to the next round. The amount of people varies for every Contest.

Round Two[edit | edit source]

In the second round, The Coordinators battle with others to beat each other and get rated by the judges to see how graceful the Pokémon did. Example: A Snorlax would most likely not win because it is not very graceful. The battle ends when the five minutes pass and the Coordinator that has the least of the circle loses. And before the time ends, if the circle is out before the five minutes is up the one with the circle out first loses.

Grand Festival[edit | edit source]

In the Grand Festival, the Coordinators have to have five ribbons, which means they have to win five contests. Dawn makes it to the Grand festival but loses to Zoey in the final match. In the Grand Festival Fantina is the new Judge with the other three.

Gallery[edit | edit source]