Plains (Friend Area)

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The Plains are a location on the Friend Area Map in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team. They sit just north of Pokémon Square. There are (?) Friend Areas at this location, housing a maximum total of (?) Pokémon.

Beau Plains[edit | edit source]

Sky Blue Plains[edit | edit source]

Sky Blue Plains is only available after the main story has been finished. It can be obtained by completing rescue missions that list "Friend Area" as their reward.

After this Friend Area is obtained, a story mission can be found on the mission board, allowing the player to go to the Howling Forest and rescue Smeargle.

Unevolved First evolution Second evolution
203.png Girafarig Type Normal.gif
Type Psychic.gif
235.png Smeargle Type Normal.gif
280.png Ralts Type Psychic.gif 281.png Kirlia Type Psychic.gif 282.png Gardevoir Type Psychic.gif