Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop

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The Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop is a shop located in Floaroma Town that allows one to trade berries for accessories that can be used in contests.

Trading list[edit | edit source]

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl
Items Berries Items Berries
Red Flower 10 Razz Berry Colored Parasol 50 Magost Berry
Pink Flower 10 Bluk Berry Old Umbrella 50 Pamtre Berry
White Flower 10 Nanab Berry Spotlight 80 Nomel Berry
Blue Flower 30 Cornn Berry Cape 250 Cornn Berry
Orange Flower 15 Magost Berry Standing Mike 80 Bluk Berry
Yellow Flower 15 Rabuta Berry Surfboard 180 Wepear Berry
Googly Specs 20 Nomel Berry Carpet 100 Spelon Berry
Black Specs 20 Wepear Berry Retro Pipe 120 Pamtre Berry
Gorgeous Specs 40 Pinap Berry Fluffy Bed 150 Watmel Berry
Sweet Candy 30 Nanab Berry Mirror Ball 250 Durin Berry
Confetti 30 Razz Berry Photo Board 200 Belue Berry