Pete Pebbleman

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Pete Pebbleman
Region: Kanto
Age: Between 12 and 14
Hometown: Pewter City
Class: Trainer
Voice actor: Maddie Blaustein (English)
Debut: IL076: Fire and Ice

Pete Pebbleman is a Pokémon Trainer who hails from Pewter City and was the Character of the day in IL076: Fire and Ice.

Making it to the third round of the Kanto Pokémon League, Pete was pitched against Ash Ketchum on the Ice field.

After Both Pete and Ash lost one Pokémon each it would be Ash's Kingler versus Pete's Cloyster and the winner would take the advantage in the battle.

They both approached each other slowly before Ash ordered Kingler to use a Crabhammer and Pete ordered his Cloyster to withdraw into its shell. Despite Cloyster being withdrawn in its shell Kingler kept on using its crabhammer attack.

With Pete at a disadvantage in the third round battle in the Kanto Pokémon League he turned to his Arcanine to make a comeback. Pete's choice of Pokémon came to a suprise to some people as the battle was taking place on the ice field. After creating some space for itself Pete ordered Arcanine to use a Dragon Rage attack which clearly dazed Kingler and forced Ash to switch to Pikachu.

Just like Pete's Arcanine, Pikachu proved to be agile on the ice and managed to dodge Arcanine's Fire Blast attack. In an attempt to slow Pikachu down, Pete order Arcanine to melt the ice field which turned it into a pool of water.

Arcanine fired one last Fire Blast at Pikachu which it dodged by jumping into the newly formed pool. Ash ordered Pikachu to use Thunderbolt which electrified the pool and Arcanine who was standing on the final piece of ice. Arcanine fell into the pool and fainted, giving the round three victory to Ash.

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

Pete Pebbleman's Cloyster.jpg
Pete used his Cloyster to battle Ash's Kingler. Cloyster did not attack at all during the battle, instead focussing on defence in the hopes of wearing Kingler out. However Kingler just kept pounding it with Crabhammer until it cracked its shell and Cloyster fainted.

Cloyster's only known move is Withdraw.

Pete Pebbleman's Arcanine.jpg
Pete's final Pokemon during his battle against Ash was Arcanine. Despite type disadvantage, Arcanine easily defeated Ash's Kingler. Ash then sent out Pikachu who was almost defeated when Arcanine used Fire Blast to melt the ice, leaving Pikachu no choice but to jump into the water. Pikachu turned the tables with a close range Thunderbolt attack, defeating Arcanine.

Arcanine's known moves are Fire Blast and Dragon Rage.