Own Tempo

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Own Tempo is an ability that prevents confusion. This is useful if used with Thrash or Outrage as it prevents the side effects of those moves. Unfortunately, only Spinda learns Thrash naturally and Smeargle can copy them; however, due to its low stats, it is most likely to faint before it succeeds. However, in a double battle, one could use either Swagger or Flatter to raise the attacking stats of one's own Pokémon without haveing to worry about the side effects of those moves.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#079 Slowpoke 079.png File:Type Water.gifFile:Type Psychic.gif Natural
#080 Slowbro 080.png File:Type Water.gifFile:Type Psychic.gif Natural
#108 Lickitung 108.png File:Type Normal.gif Natural
#199 Slowking 199.png File:Type Water.gifFile:Type Psychic.gif Natural
#235 Smeargle 235.png File:Type Normal.gif Natural
#270 Lotad 270.png File:Type Water.gifFile:Type Grass.gif Dream World
#271 Lombre 271.png File:Type Water.gifFile:Type Grass.gif Dream World
#272 Ludicolo 272.png File:Type Water.gifFile:Type Grass.gif Dream World
#322 Numel 322.png File:Type Fire.gifFile:Type Ground.gif Dream World
#325 Spoink 325.png File:Type Psychic.gif Natural
#326 Grumpig 326.png File:Type Psychic.gif Natural
#327 Spinda 327.png File:Type Normal.gif Natural
#431 Glameow 431.png File:Type Normal.gif Natural
#432 Purugly 432.png File:Type Normal.gif Natural
#463 Lickilicky 463.png File:Type Normal.gif Natural
#548 Petilil 548.png File:Type Grass.gif Natural
#549 Lilligant 549.png File:Type Grass.gif Natural