Old Ball

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Old Ball
Old Ball.png
Buy: Poké Dollar.png Not available for purchase.
Sell: Poké Dollar.png Not available for purchase.
First Appearance: Celebi: Voice of the Forest
Catch Rate: Unknown

The Old Ball is an original version of the Pokéball that serves as a precursor to the modern-day design of the Pokéball. It first appeared in Celebi: Voice of the Forest, and was used by Sammy. This Pokéball is able to release Pokémon by unscrewing the red lid on its top, and seems only to work by holding it away from the Trainer. It is relatively plain in its design, as opposed to its current design. The Old Ball has a grey surface area with a single black strip extending across its surface area. There are two small domes jutting out above the black strip, and there is a small red cap which serves as the release function. It seems that the Old Ball cannot be thrown to release its held Pokémon; primarily due to the fact that it is an outdated version of the current model.

In the film, Sammy used it primarily to store his Charmeleon.