Nest Ball

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Nest Ball
Buy: Poké Dollar.png 1000
Sell: Poké Dollar.png 500
First Appearance: Generation III
Catch Rate: (1× – 3.9×)

The Nest Ball (Japanese: ネストボール Nest Ball) is best used for catching wild Pokémon whose level is low. The lower the level of the Pokémon you face, the higher the chances of capture. It has a green top with yellow or brown bands that wrap from the sides up around the back before ending in a circle at the top to make a woven nest.

Catch Rate[edit | edit source]

  • ([40 - Level] ÷ 10)× (minimum of 1.0×)
  • This makes it effective only against Pokémon whose levels are lower than 30, maxing out at a 3.9× catch rate against a level 1 wild Pokémon, such as the Regigigas in Snowpoint Temple in Pokémon Platinum.

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