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The Move Relearner is a person in the games that allows the player's Pokémon to relearn level-up moves in exchange for a Heart Scale. Any move in a Pokémon's level-up moves, up to its current level, can be retaught. This is sometimes the only way for Pokémon to acquire moves learned at level 1 or similarly low levels.

Moves that a Pokémon learned from TMs, HMs, Move Tutors, or any method other than leveling up cannot be retaught, despite the Pokémon technically having learned the move. Additionally, moves level-up moves learned only by an earlier evolution and not the current evolutionary stage cannot be retaught.

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Generation III[edit | edit source]

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Generation V[edit | edit source]

In Generation V games, the Move Relearner is referred to as the Reminder Girl (Japanese: メモリアルガール Memorial Girl).

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