Mirror Coat

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A Psychic-type attack introduced in Generation II. It is similar to Counter, except that it works for special attacks

Mirror Coat
ミラーコート Mirror Coat
General Information
Type: Type Psychic.gif
Generation: II
Battle Data
Category Special
Power: Varies
Accuracy: 100
PP: 20
Effects: All
Secondary Effect: None
Priority: -5
Contact: No
Affected by
Magic Coat: No
Bright Powder: No
Protect/Detect: No
Snatch: No
King's Rock: No
Contest data
Pokémon Contests RSE
Type: Beauty
Appeal: 2 ♥♥
Jam: 0
Super Contests DPPt
Type: Beauty
Appeal: 2 ♥♥

instead of physical attacks. Whatever damage is recieved by the user, double is inflicted upon the target. This move always goes second.

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