Mineral (egg group)

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There is a total of 49 Pokémon in this egg group.

40 are purely in the Mineral Egg Group.
9 are partly in the Mineral Egg Group.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

A majority of the Pokémon here are rock or steel types and most are genderless.

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

Purely[edit | edit source]

# Pokémon Type
074 074.png Geodude Type Rock.gifType Ground.gif
075 075.png Graveler Type Rock.gifType Ground.gif
076 076.png Golem Type Rock.gifType Ground.gif
081 081.png Magnemite Type Electric.gifType Steel.gif
082 082.png Magneton Type Electric.gifType Steel.gif
095 095.png Onix Type Rock.gifType Ground.gif
100 100.png Voltorb Type Electric.gif
101 101.png Electrode Type Electric.gif
137 137.png Porygon Type Normal.gif
185 185.png Sudowoodo Type Rock.gif
208 208.png Steelix Type Steel.gifType Ground.gif
233 233.png Porygon2 Type Normal.gif
292 292.png Shedinja Type Bug.gifType Ghost.gif
299 299.png Nosepass Type Rock.gif
337 337.png Lunatone Type Rock.gifType Psychic.gif
338 338.png Solrock Type Rock.gifType Psychic.gif
343 343.png Baltoy Type Ground.gifType Psychic.gif
344 344.png Claydol Type Ground.gifType Psychic.gif
374 374.png Beldum Type Steel.gifType Psychic.gif
375 375.png Metang Type Steel.gifType Psychic.gif
376 376.png Metagross Type Steel.gifType Psychic.gif
436 436.png Bronzor Type Steel.gifType Psychic.gif
437 437.png Bronzong Type Steel.gifType Psychic.gif
462 462.png Magnezone Type Electric.gifType Steel.gif
476 476.png Probopass Type Rock.gifType Steel.gif
474 474.png Porygon-Z Type Normal.gif
524 524.png Roggenrola Type Rock.gif
525 525.png Boldore Type Rock.gif
526 526.png Gigalith Type Rock.gif
568 568.png Trubbish Type Poison.gif
569 569.png Garbodor Type Poison.gif
582 582.png Vanillite Type Ice.gif
583 583.png Vanillish Type Ice.gif
584 584.png Vanilluxe Type Ice.gif
599 599.png Klink Type Steel.gif
600 600.png Klang Type Steel.gif
601 601.png Klinklang Type Steel.gif
615 615.png Cryogonal Type Ice.gif
622 622.png Golett Type Ground.gifType Ghost.gif
623 623.png Golurk Type Ground.gifType Ghost.gif

Partly[edit | edit source]

# Pokémon Type Other Group
361 361.png Snorunt Type Ice.gif Fairy
362 362.png Glalie Type Ice.gif Fairy
478 478.png Froslass Type Ice.gifType Ghost.gif Fairy
557 557.png Dwebble Type Bug.gifType Rock.gif Bug
558 558.png Crustle Type Bug.gifType Rock.gif Bug
562 562.png Yamask Type Ghost.gif Amorphous
563 563.png Cofagrigus Type Ghost.gif Amorphous
597 597.png Ferroseed Type Grass.gifType Steel.gif Grass
598 598.png Ferrothorn Type Grass.gifType Steel.gif Grass