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Trainer: Delia
Gender: Male (Dub only)
Debut: IL064: It's Mr. Mime Time
Caught where: Pallet Town
Current location: With Delia
Evolved: Not yet evolved
Original Trainer: Delia

Mimey is one of Delia Ketchum's Pokémon that is a Mr. Mime. Thinking that it was Ash in disguise she welcomed him with open arms and treated him like Ash until the Real Ash showed up. Still, she treated him like part of the family. Because of Delia's care and affection, Mr. Mime decided to stay with her and help her with their household jobs like making food, cleaning vessels, rooms and also helping Delia in gardening and grocery purchasing. Delia, after a short while, decided to name Mr. Mime, "Mimey". When Brock returned in prior to OI034: A Tent Situation, he and Brock would argue about chores and who would do them. It is unknown what happened to it when Delia Ketchum went on vacation to Unova. It was not seen in Ash's house in BW001, probably because of the reboot feel the writers are attempting to create by avoiding showing older characters except Ash, Pikachu, Delia, Professor Oak, and Team Rocket.

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