Millennium Comet

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Millennium Comet
The Millennium Comet.png
Function: To maintain the landscape of Forina.
Debut: Jirachi: Wish Maker

The Millennium Comet is a comet which appears once every thousand years, coinciding with the awakening of the Millennium Crystal.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Millennium Comet is an object located in deep space, which is notably heralded in the Pokémon Universe as appearing only once in the period of a millennia. The Comet supposedly is a body of very powerful energy, so powerful that Butler required its energy source, coupled with Jirachi's true eye to artificially create a Groudon. Under normal circumstances, Jirachi's role in the awakening cycle is to absorb the limitless energy from the Millennium Comet and disperse it into the landscape of Forina, in order to maintain balances in its environment.

May uses the Wishing Star on the first night.

Due to the rare occasion in which the Millennium Comet makes an appearance, the Millennium Festival was established to commemorate this event. At the Millennium Festival, there are various items sold there to supposedly gain luck to the wielder derived from the Comet itself. One such item is the "Wishing Star", which is sold by a travelling businessman, which works by folding a section of the star down on each night that the Comet appears, which May is goaded into purchasing.

The Wishing Star is meant to grant your wish on the seventh night of the Comet. However, whether or not it actually works is not identified, as on the final night of the Millennium Comet's appearance, May forgets to fold the last section due to the events taking place.