Mikan Island

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Mikan Island
ナツカン島 Natsukan Island
Map of Mikan Island
Location info
Region: Orange Islands
Connecting routes:
Location of Mikan Island in Orange Islands.
Gym info
Name: Mikan Gym
Leader: Cissy
Types: Type Water.gif
Badge: Coral-Eye_Badge Coral-Eye Badge.png
Pokémon Gyms

Mikan Island or Mican Island is the location of first of the Orange Island gyms. Its leader, Cissy, is an expert on Water-types, and challenges opponents to shoot targets and run water races instead of battling. Her Pokémon are Seadra and Blastoise. When defeated, she gives a Coral-eye Badge to her worthy opponents.

Mikan Gym

As one of the Orange Islands, this island is home to Cissy (sometimes spelled Sissy), the Mikan Island Gym Leader

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