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Mega Launcher

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Mega Launcher (Japanese: メガランチャー Mega Launcher) is an Ability introduced in the Generation VI games, Pokémon X and Y.

Game info


Version(s) Description
X/Y Powers up aura and pulse moves.


In battle

Mega Launcher increases the effect of pulse and sphere-type moves by 50%. If the move Heal Pulse is used, the amount healed is increased to 75% of the targeted Pokémon's maximum HP.

Affected moves
List of Affected Abilities
Move Type Category
Aura Sphere Fighting Special
Dark Pulse Dark Special
Dragon Pulse Dragon Special
Heal Pulse Psychic Status
Water Pulse Water Special
This is a list of moves that are affected by Mega Launcher.

Outside of battle

Mega Launcher has no effect outside of battle.

List of Pokémon

List of Pokémon
Sprite Pokémon Type Obtained
009 Mega.png Mega Blastoise Water Natural
692.png Clauncher Water Natural
693.png Clawitzer Water Natural
This list is made for Generation VI and therefore may include abilities that were not introduced in previous generations.