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マーズ Mars
Region: Sinnoh
Age: 19
Hometown: Unknown
  • Unknown
Class: Commander
Voice actor: Lisa Ortiz (English)
  • Diamond & Pearl
"I’m one of Team Galactic’s three Commanders. We’ve been trying to create a new world that’s better than this one... But people have shown little understanding about what we do. You don’t understand either, do you? It’s a little saddening... So, let’s have a battle to decide what we should do next. If I win, you leave. If you win, we, Team Galactic, will leave!"
— Mars in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.Mars is the first of the three/four commanders in Team Galactic. She is first met at the Valley Windworks, where she attempts to take it over. She is then at Lake Verity after her plans to capture Mesprit are successful. After story mode the player meets encounters Mars at Stark Mountain. In Pokémon Platinum, Mars and Jupiter face off against the player at Stark Mountain. If you beat them, they will quit Team Galactic.

In the anime[edit | edit source]

Mars in the anime

She and Saturn both stole the Adamant Orb in Celestic Town. She later attempted to blow up Iron Island.

Pokémon[edit | edit source]

In the Games[edit | edit source]

DPPt Battle Sprite

PlatinumZubat(F).png PlatinumPurugly.png Bronzor(P)Sprite.png PlatinumGolbat(M).png Bronzong BW.png
Zubat Purugly Bronzor (After 1st battle) Golbat (Evolves from Zubat after 1st battle) Bronzong (Evolves from Bronzor in 4th battle (Pt only))

In the anime[edit | edit source]

Mars' Purugly.jpg
Purugly 15px
Purugly is Mars' main and most powerful pokémon. It's almost always at Mars' side.
Mars Bronzor.png
Brozor is just seen one time in the anime.
Team Galactic Golbat.png
Golbat x4
Every member of Team Galactic must have at least one Golbat. That is some kind of condition to be a member of Team Galactic

Manga[edit | edit source]

PlatinumPurugly.png Luxray(DP)SpriteMale.png Electivire(DP)Sprite.png PlatinumZubat(M).png Bronzor(P)Sprite.png Yanmega(Pt)Sprite.png
Purugly Luxray Electivire Zubat Bronzor Yanmega

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the 1st battle with Mars, her Purugly is under-leveled.
  • In her game sprite she appears to be holding her Poké Ball upside-down.